I understand where Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is coming from with this one. She credits Apple's MacBook Air with changing her life. While it may seem like a very tall order, especially for a very successful novelist, if there's an electronic product on the market that can save lives, it's usually made by Apple.

Rowling is saying that with the invention of the ultra-then MacBook Air, she was able to tote the laptop around with her wherever she went, “including some very strange places.” She was appearing at Lincoln Center for a book signing and brief reading of her novel The Casual Vacancy.

The author has moved on from being a young adult novelist, leaving the bespectacled wizard and his friends behind, with her latest novel being geared more towards adults. She did feel her younger fans who were perhaps 14 or 15 could read The Casual Vacancy, but that's where she draws the line. When the subject of adult books came up and she was asked to compare hers to 50 Shades of Grey, Rowling replied, “People have sex in this book, but no one really enjoys it – that's the distinction.” She believes her next book will be for children, but refused to give more details, not wanting to “kill it stone dead.”

Imagine the masterpieces Rowling could produce if she switched to an iPad. If she thinks the MacBook Air is travel-worthy, the Apple tablet is certainly even more so. I used to take my MacBook with me often for the purposes of writing, and now I find myself taking my iPad even more places. Whenever I don't have my iPad, I'll even whip out my iPhone and write on that. Perhaps I need to start writing about child wizards or people having sex.

Photo Credit: collider.com