Jason Statham Stars in Bizarre Screen Ad for LG G5 Phone

The British action star Jason Statham stars in the first screen advert for the LG G5 smartphone – and it’s fair to say that the advert is probably even more peculiar than the Android-running phone itself.

It’s questionable to what extent the unique handset’s features are clearly marketed here. We see a world full of Stathams – even a mother, a baby and a few cross-dressers. There’s a crowded subway, then a fight, a bank heist, and running bulls. Confused? Watching the ad, below, is unlikely to help a lot…


As the end voiceover states, the LG G5 has a “modular design” which allows various compatible accessories, which LG calls “Friends”, to be easily swapped and attached. Nonetheless, we do see Statham regularly switching accessories more quickly than the phone often permits in real life.

The LG G5 went on sale in the US today; AT&T is currently selling it for $688.99 without a contract.

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