Jetpac Launches City Guides App for iPhone

  • — New iPhone app analyzes public Instagram photos to help identify popular places in hometowns and destinations
  • — Unique big data imaging technology differentiates new app from existing online city guides

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jetpac, the company behind the highest-rated travel app in Apple’s App Store, today launched the Jetpac City Guides app for iPhone – the new Instagram-driven pathfinder that gives iPhone users the real picture of popular places in their cities and around the world.

Utilizing big data imaging of more than 100 million photos and encompassing more than 5,000 cities, Jetpac City Guides examines every pixel of the world’s public Instagram photos to help people build their own guide. Jetpac brings a unique combination of technology, image processing, and award-winning design with Jetpac City Guides, bringing inspiration and trusted recommendations for travelers anywhere. Jetpac’s differentiated offering capitalizes on the proliferation of photos in the digital age to paint a more comprehensive picture of go-to places than user reviews and check-ins.

“Jetpac City Guides is like having a personal concierge in the palm of your hands,” said Julian Green, co-founder and CEO of Jetpac. “Users will find a new map to the world’s fun places, and each photo shared is a flashbulb moment, illuminating a place as a enjoyable spot. We are thrilled to be able to make travel planning easier for millions of adventurous people indulging their wanderlust.”

Jetpac City Guides’ travel recommendations on the iPhone come from the world’s Instagram photos to give powerful insights to the authentic feel of a place. Every time someone takes a photo of an entertaining moment, adds a location, and shares it publicly, Jetpac integrates the photo with the app, creating a mosaic of the hottest spots in the city. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Jetpac City Guides enables people to identify – at a glance – the right place for them and save their favorites.

With Jetpac City Guides, people can discover pockets of fun within their own city or a foreign destination, such as:

  • — Hikes not known to tourists
  • — Best secret coffee shops
  • — Bars women love
  • — Restaurants with the best views
  • — Dog-friendly places and dog-owner friendly places
  • — Where music lovers go to catch some tunes
  • — Where foodies go to eat and drink
  • — Where parents go with the kids (as well as where they go once they drop the kids off with the babysitter)
  • — Bars where guys ironically sport hipster mustaches

Source: Jetpac/Business Wire

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