Jimmy Kimmel Mocks iPad Mini in Fake Commercial

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, Jimmy Kimmel is really impressed with Apple. They’ve been the butt of his jokes before, as he took to the streets with an iPhone 4S, claiming it was the new and improved iPhone 5. Everyone bought the joke hook, line, and sinker, claiming they could tell how much better it was. Now he’s poking fun again, and this time it’s aimed at the iPad Mini.

On ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Kimmel explained that the iPad Mini, which he referred to as a paperweight, is being released today, He thought whoever stood in line in New York City or New Jersey to buy Apple’s newest device should be punched in the throat. If they have the time, he thinks they should volunteer or something. That was a joke of course, but nevertheless his ironic point was made.

Kimmel went on to show Apple’s newest “commercial.” It discusses how Apple first released the iPod, then a thinner iPod, then a tinier iPod, then a taller and thinner iPod. The video takes us all the way through the releases of the iPod, getting to an iPod you can touch, then refers to the iPhone as an iPod that you can talk on, and follows this saying they next released an iPod you can talk on with a G on it, When they get to the iPad, it refers to it as a gigantic iPod you cannot talk on, then moves on to a gigantic iPod you cannot talk on that’s a little thinner, followed by “a white one.” This ends with a bigger, but not gigantic, iPod that you cannot talk on. This would be the Mini.

Apple is used to being the butt of jokes, but it seems the jokes are really on the joke-tellers, as all the jokes and ribbing do is increase the interest in the brand and products even more. Everyone will have a good laugh at this video, but it probably won’t prevent anyone that was already planning on buying an iPad MIni from getting one.

Of course, if you really want an iPad Mini, but are now feeling bad about standing in line when clearly there is a need for help in New York and New Jersey, you can do that through Apple. As discussed here yesterday in a great firsthand account, you can go on your iTunes account and donate to those in need through the Red Cross.


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