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At AppleMagazine, we’re always looking for writers and professionals to join our growing team. Whether you’re looking to develop your writing skills, find a new website to add to your portfolio or simply write about your favorite Apple products, TV shows, games, and apps, we’d love to welcome you to the family as a regular contributor.

What we’re looking for

Whether you’re a writer, a tweeter, a presenter or a marketer, we’d love to have you join the AppleMagazine team on a voluntary basis. If you think you have skills that we’d be able to put to use, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.


We’re looking for writers who can help us keep our thousands of readers up to date on the latest Apple news. You could also help us cover technology news, entertainment news, as well as the latest in mobile, wearable, gaming social media, and smartphone apps.


The AppleMagazine team is currently working on a new YouTube channel. If you’d be interested in contributing as a presenter, scriptwriter, videographer, or editor, get in touch.

Social media assistants

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we’re always looking for help managing our social networking accounts.

Why should I join AppleMagazine?

AppleMagazine has been running since 2011 and is the perfect place for any budding writer to come and show off their skills. Not only will you be able to write for an established name, but you’ll get the opportunity to develop your writing skills live on the internet and have an expert team of journalists and copywriters for support whenever you need them. You’ll also get a digital portfolio where your contributions can be accessed at any time, and, from time to time, you’ll get the chance to review games, software, and products.

What are the requirements?

If you’d like to join AppleMagazine, you’ll need to be over sixteen and have a passion for technology and entertainment. All of your contributions must be delivered in US English, and you’ll need to contribute at least twice a month. If you’d prefer to submit a one-off contribution or a guest post, let us know when you apply.