Jon Stewart’s new Apple TV+ series to be called ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

The Problem with Jon Stewart - Apple TV+
The Problem with Jon Stewart - Apple TV+

Jon Stewart is certainly one of the greatest names on American television. This 22-time Emmy winner and 2-time Oscars host is a well-known name in the world of comedy, but also primetime television. His best-known and award-winning show is, of course, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, anchored by Trevor Noah since Stewart’s retirement from the program, but he has had appearances in other television series and films.

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Although Stewart retired from the spotlight, it was recently announced that Stewart is producing and starring in a new, late-night current affairs television series to air on Apple TV+. The initial news appeared back in October 2020, when Stewart signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Apple. Along with that, it was revealed that Jon Stewart would be returning to the format that made him famous, but the news was scarce back then.

Jon Stewart - The Daily Show
Jon Stewart – The Daily Show

From January to February 2021, the behind-the-screen names have been revealed, with Brinda Adhikari serving as showrunner and executive producer, Chelsea Devantez as head writer, and Lorrie Baranek as Stewart’s executive in charge of production. Still, we had no additional information about the show itself.

The first piece of usable information was revealed in April 2021, when the title of the show was revealed to be The Problem with Jon Stewart. This didn’t tell us much, really, about the show, but it affirmed the problem-centered, current affairs format of the show. It was also revealed that the show would have its premiere in late 2021, sometime during the fall television season.

Additional news reports confirmed that the show is going to run for multiple seasons and that each episode is going to last one hour. Stewart is going to focus on one issue per episode, with each issue being something that is “currently part of the national conversation and [Stewart’s] advocacy work”. Alongside that, the show is going to be accompanied by a companion podcast.

So far, this is all we know about the show and we can only say that we are looking forward to seeing Stewart back on the screen.

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