Jony Ive had a role in iMac 2021 design

Jony Ive
Jony Ive

Apple’s former designer Jony Ive had a role in the new design of the iMac.

According to Wired, the former designed had “some input” into the creation of the new 24-inch device, though we don’t know whether this was before he left Apple or afterwards. The company issued a striking new look for its all-in-one computer last month, departing from the familiar iMac design we’ve known and loved for decades.

However, it now appears as though Apple’s former chief design officer Jony Ive had some involvement.

The truth is that redesigning one of the world’s most iconic computers doesn’t happen overnight, and considering that Ive left the company in 2019, the chances are that the new-look device was in development at that time. It’s also important to note that, though Ive parted ways with the company, he did plan to work with Apple ad-hoc.

Apple has since confirmed that Jony Ive was involved in the creation of the new iMac, but they did not say when.

Jony left the company before 2020, launching his own design consultancy LoveFrom. Apple became one of LoveFrom’s first clients, and Airbnb joined the ranks in October to create next-generation products and services.

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