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Jude expected to rule in favor of T-Mobile and Sprint merger

Judges in the United States are expected to rule in favor of a T-Mobile and Sprint merger.

According to reports from The New York Times, the judge in charge of the lawsuit will allow the deal to go forward, paving the way for a powerful mobile network in the United States.

In November, the FCC approved the merger between the two companies, but several parties filed an antitrust lawsuit, saying that the merger would reduce competition, increase carrier bills, and go against the public interest, despite the benefits a potential merger could bring.

Last month, parties gave their arguments to judges, and now sources are suggesting that the deal will be approved.

However, it could be that the judge has attached conditions or even restrictions to a potential merger, perhaps over pricing or competitiveness to reduce the concern from parties involved.

Both companies are expected to make an announcement today (Tuesday, February 11).

Should the merger go ahead, Sprint will be phased out, and T-Mobile will be the network for both of the firm’s customers. Combined, they’re expected to have 100 million customers.

T-Mobile and Sprint have told customers that they’d work to build a nationwide 5G network within three years, and promised not to raise prices for at least 3 years following a merger.

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