Just Mobile HeadStand: Solving a Classic Headphone Issue

I am an avid music lover. In fact, whenever I’m working on my PC or browsing the internet, I pull out my favorite over-ear headset and crank up the tunes. Because of this, my headphones are dear to me, and I end up shelling out quite a bit more than the average person on “above-average-priced” peripherals. It’s worth it to me, and the difference in sound across some brands is just incredible.

Unfortunately though, I haven’t really come across a practical or safe way to store my prized headphones, and I often end up with broken ear cups, frayed wires, or scratched and damaged parts. I actually just recently purchased a new set of headphones after the wire on my old set got “tugged” during storage. Some companies will give you small bags or “cases” to house your accessories, but it doesn’t really keep them in a beneficial shape, and it surely doesn’t keep the cord straight and free of damaging bends.

The folks over at Just Mobile may have finally come up with an easy (and great looking) fix to this dilemma. Their brand new “Just Mobile HeadStand” is a practical, simple, and beautifully designed headphone stand that will finally solve the dilemma of what to do with your headphones when you aren’t using them. This rigid stand is made from high quality aluminum and is pieced together in a simplistic way to ensure maximum stability.

It has a nice amount of functionality too. The thick “hook” which the headphones sit on is large enough to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes and it is claimed that this stand will work with any set of headphones which features a “band” construction. There is also a cord storage (which is lifesaving if you ask me) that will keep your ever-precious lines tangle-free and straight. This is the perfect way to display your headphones too, yet still allows you to keep your computing space looking clean with a modernized flair.

Co Founder of Just Mobile, Erich Huang, had the following to say concerning the newly launched product in a recently released press packet:

“We couldn’t find a nice headphone stand on the market, so we just made our own. Just like Xstand for the iPhone, we believe HeadStand will create headphone stands as a new product category.”

The sleek and innovative HeadStand is available now. Customers in the United States can have the accessory for USD $49.95, while European customers will pay Euro €49.95. The stand is also already available to consumers in the UK at a price of £39.95. Be sure to head over to Just Mobile’s website and grabs yours today. Your valuable headphones will thank you, and so will your wallet in the long run.

Photo Credit: Just Mobile

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