Kanye West Urges Apple to Buy Music Streaming Service Tidal

Will Apple follow up on its interest, according to recent rumor, in buying the music streaming service Tidal? It’s still unclear, but Kanye West, one of the artists most closely associated with Tidal, is in favor of it happening soon, judging from cryptic comments he has made on Twitter.

West is one of Tidal’s co-owners, along with other high profile artists including Jay Z, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. In one tweet, below, West reveals his wish for a meeting between Apple executives Tim Cook, Jimmy Iovine and Larry Jackson, artists Jay Z and Drake and talent manager Scooter Braun.


It’s not quite obvious, however, whether West is here suggesting that serious negotiations between Apple and Tidal have already been ongoing for some time – the original report about Apple’s interest emerged at the end of June – or simply urging Apple to make its first big move for Tidal.

In other tweets, West declares: “Let the kids have the music”, and calls for the Cupertino company to “give Jay his check for Tidal now”. That West wants an Apple-Tidal deal to not only happen, but also soon, heavily hints that it could do, now that one of Tidal’s co-owners has publicly given the idea his blessing.

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