Key skills & steps to become an iOS developer

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App Store Award 2021

Being a software engineer is a great initiative for a career and if you have what it takes, nothing will be a big deal. You see, to be an iOS developer and a pretty good one at that, you need certain solid skills and knowledge. 

In this article, we will talk about all those things that you need to know to become not just an iOS developer, but an excellent one. So, grab your notes and pens, and let’s get started!

What an iOS developer does

MacBook running Xcode

In a nutshell: writes applications (programs, games, etc) for iPhone/iPad. Sometimes also for macOS. He writes exactly. As an artist. It is important. I can argue with anyone who says the opposite, but a programmer, in whatever field he works, is a creative profession. Not less. First of all, because programming languages ​​are originally languages, and only then “programming”. And here it is not enough to have knowledge of the syntax of the language to solve any applied problem.

The language must be proficient enough to competently and appropriately use its structures and idioms, turns, and constructions. And this is, whatever one may say, the process of creation. Yes, someone can say that in programming, if we draw a linguistic analogy with the same journalism, clericalism is accepted as a standard, but no one bothers you, even in this case, to write code elegantly, beautifully, and not at the expense of functionality, and not clumsy and in the forehead.

Path to become an iOS developer 

Swift development learning.

A good iOS developer needs to have a solid foundation of basic skills and other specialized knowledge. What’s more, to be even better, you need to coordinate these skills with a range of other skills to stand out. However, that happens with experience. 

Therefore, the first thing that you need to concentrate on is to get the right skills on your resume. Follow along and let’s see what these skills are all about.  

Focus on the basics

As mentioned earlier, to become an iOS developer, you first need to get your basics right. When we say basics we mean understanding iOS development and all of its scope. If you have already been exposed to this topic, you can start digging deeper into the other aspects of it. 

However, knowing and understanding what iOS development is (its various applications), and its need in the market is of uber importance. These basics will help you build a strong foundation of your developer skills.

MacBook Pro | Swift over Xcode | iOS, iPadOS, watchOS app development

Learn the required languages

You cannot become an iOS developer without knowing the required iOS languages for programming and coding. Therefore, make sure you start learning them. Here are the languages that you must not ignore. Understand that the better you are at them, the easier it will be for you to become a great iOS developer.

  • Swift
  • Objective C 
  • Xcode 

These are the basic languages that will make you proficient in iOS development. Once you are proficient in them, you can expand your horizon without an issue. After that, you can decide and learn more skills because there is no shortage of them. 

Courses always help

While you can always self-teach iOS programming and coding, enrolling in a course can help you in many ways. For instance, you will be learning from affiliated teachers who have the degrees and certifications to support their knowledge. You will also be able to gain from their experience. 

Also, having a degree or diploma in this field will make it easier for you to land a job and develop a career. Let us also not forget that here, you will also be able to make connections and build sources in the field.

Apple WWDC, Developers Conference

Practice what you learn

No skill is of use if you do not practice and polish it. Therefore, after learning the languages and programming, make sure you practice them daily. It would be good to practice an hour daily. You can even work on your projects which will help you learn and practice simultaneously. 

Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio is a great way to land a job in this field. Gather all your skills, works, and achievements, and slowly build them up. With a solid document showing off your skills, you will be able to tell prospective employers what you can do and what you have achieved to date. 

Soft skills 

Aside from the obvious technical skills, there are other soft skills that you would need as an iOS developer. For instance, skills to work as a team, time management, organization skills, working under stress, communication skills, and so on are very important. Without these, you will not be able to sell your technical skills, so make sure you start polishing them too.

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