Kickstarter is Helping Social Media Evolve

In reality “social media” is in its infancy and really only just coming to life, with the likes of Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter spearheading the craze. I remember signing up for Facebook in 2005 when only students of certain colleges were allowed membership. It was exciting and brand new.

The ability to instantly connect with friends, family members, and even celebrities really felt fresh and unique. People were now able to express their artistic abilities, let friends know where the party was that night, and keep in constant contact with people around the globe.

If you fast forward to today’s world, social media has grown even bigger. But what was once exciting has become a little stale. You can argue with apps like Instagram and Hollywood recognition and through films like The Social Network how this is possible. I am talking in terms of what you accomplish using social media such as; self promotion, playing games, posting photos, advertising, or letting everyone know what you’re having for breakfast. Well those days are gone, and is helping usher in the new evolution of social media.

Now instead of people just hitting the “like” button on their status they can hit the “back this project” button and have an actual impact. The folks at Kickstarter have given people the ability to show the world their ideas and innovations in hopes to receive money to help them bring their products, dreams, or services to life. This, my friends, is the type of impact and innovation social media was meant to bring forth.

You don’t have to be a part of the upper echelon to back projects you find spectacular or interesting; in most cases projects will accept a pledge of $1 or more. This site is giving birth to a movement of innovators who in the past had no way of funding their ideas. I am so excited to be able to play “investor” without having millions in the bank. In a general overview, the company or person seeking funding sets a timeframe (1 week or 2 weeks, for example), then they set their “goal,” which is usually anywhere from $500 to $300,000. Each project or product has a pledge page where they try and sell you on the project, and you can then decide to pledge money if you wish. In every case, in exchange for supporting them, you will receive the product or service for free, or some kind of extra swag as thanks for showing them love.

I truly believe this is just the start of what is to come in the social media realm, and its starting to evolve into bigger and better things. What kind of new exciting directions do you expect or would you love to see social media move towards?

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