Kickstarter Suspends Campaign For Adoption-Based App

A campaign for a Tinder-like app designed to help people find children up for adoption has been suspended by Kickstarter.

Adoptly billed itself as a replacement for the slow and outdated adoption process. The service would present a series of different children up for adoption and the user would swipe left or right to say they either wanted to adopt the child or didn’t, much like the system of the dating app Tinder.

Users would set specific criteria that they were looking for in an adoption and then be presented with matches. Children within foster care or adoption agencies would also have access to the app and would swipe left or right on potential parents that they like.

The app also features a chat option to let parents and children talk to each other and see if they would make a good ‘match’.

The campaign raised $4,000 of its $150,000 goal before it was taken down. Kickstarter has not released a reason as to why the campaign has been suspended, but the notion of judging children in need of adoption is in pretty poor taste.

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