Having 2TB used to mean having a huge brick perched on your desk that might even need an external power source to function properly, but now Kingston has pushed the limits of external storage and managed to cram 2TB of memory into a highly portable flash memory drive.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT series of flash drives come in 1TB and 2TB, and the latter is capable of storing an estimated 70 hours of 4K resolution video. The device small enough to fit in someone’s pocket has the same amount of storage as an Xbox One S.

Jean Wong, Business Manager for Kingston Technology, stated that “With the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, we empower users to increase their data storage mobility in a highly manageable form factor. This is a terrific follow-up to our 1TB drive released in 2013 and by doubling the capacity; users can store and carry even larger amounts of data easily”.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT will go on sale in February, but no prices have been stated as of yet.