Koch Group founders and Roblox back Apple in its antitrust fight with Epic Games

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Various entities, including the founders of Koch Group, and games developer Roblox, have filed court briefings in support of Apple’s position as its appeal trial looms against Epic Games.

Roblox’s App Store “experiences” were a major point of discussion during the initial trial – and the developer has said it can “attest to the benefits” of Apple’s App Store business model. According to Roblox, the review and approval process of apps helps improve safety and security, and the games developer has partly attributed its success and growth to the Cupertino firm. However, Epic Games has previously criticized Roblox for allegedly benefiting from preferential treatment from Apple.

Third-party support has also been forthcoming for Epic Games in the case, including from a bipartisan cohort of 35 state attorney generals, who have co-signed a filing stating that the court erred in its conclusion that Apple did not breach antitrust legislation.

With the deadline for “friend of the court” briefings – Thursday, March 31, 2022 – having now passed, attentions have turned to the continuing appeals process over the original ruling against Epic; there isn’t expected to be a hearing, however, until next year.

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