Landscape Mode Removed in Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile

Landscape Mode Removed in Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile

About a month ago, the Windows 10 Mobile version of the Facebook Messenger app was updated with a huge revamp bringing it much closer to parity with the iOS and Android versions. However, as evidenced by a new update, not everything has gone swimmingly with that big step forward.

This update, which takes the app to version 79.528.24456.0, is not accompanied by release notes explaining any changes. However, WinBeta reports that it does remove the option to view and use the app in landscape orientation. This isn’t the kind of change that Facebook would make if there wasn’t a big technical issue to address – and, indeed, such an problem appears to have arisen.

Referring to this landscape mode, WinBeta says that “some users have noted [it] was glitchy to begin with.” Furthermore, a look over the replies to the site’s news story and reviews of the app in the Windows Store reveals some disgruntlement over how using this mode has adversely affected the Facebook Messenger experience on Windows 10 Mobile.

It is unclear when, if ever, Facebook will send out a new update reintroducing a landscape mode that will be rid of glitches. In any case, the Facebook Messenger app is available to freely download – for both Windows 10 Mobile and the desktop Windows 10 – from the Windows Store.

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