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The latest ARKit demos include zombie and virtual pets

With Apple’s iOS 11 update only weeks away, developers have continued their experimentation with ARKit, the augmented reality tools built into the operating system.

What we know so far is that ARKit will work with a huge range of apps including games, utilities and shopping but the demos below give you more of an idea of what your iPhone or iPad will be capable of once the update is made publicly available.

AR for food ordering

A company called Kabaq shows how future food ordering apps might take advantage of ARKit by giving diners an idea of how a dish may look on their plate.

AR for sculpting 

Developer Fabin Rasheed demos a sculpture using an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. This app is called MakerStudio and is designed for users to create 3D objects and then paint them using augmented reality.

AR for gaming 

This video further demonstrates the type of games that could be made possible with AR. In this game, users can populate and control a tabletop world with their own villagers.

Similarly, in an upcoming game called ARZombie, players can battle ultra realistic zombies in their own living room.

As the end of the iOS 11 beta testing period draws ever closer, we’ll soon start seeing the first ARKit apps in the App Store.

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