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The latest iPhone 8 report rumors a huge new camera change

The latest iPhone 8 report adds more weight to the rumor that Apple may be launching a 3D augmented reality selfie camera in their upcoming smartphone. With Samsung releasing their flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ last week, all ayes are now on their biggest competitor to deliver something with even more capabilities.

Sources inside Apple’s supply chain in Asia claim that the new iPhone’s advanced camera system will have 3D capabilities that can be augmented, such as the hologram effect in Pokemon Go, and virtual reality features in apps. It has been suggested that the Taiwan-based Himax Technologies will supply the 3D sensors and optical and photonic products manufacturer Lumentum will supply certain parts, too.

The front-facing camera is said to have VCSEL (vertical-cavity-surfacing-emitting-laser) based DOE (diffractive optical elements) that will allow for 3D-sensing and 3D-modelling and provide better security by offering unlocks based on facial recognition. Hopefully, Apple’s attempt at a facial recognition unlock will be more secure than Samsung’s, which can be hacked with an image.

In the upcoming launch, Apple are expected to release three new models, a 4.7inch model, a 5.5 inch and a 5.7 inch, two of which will feature LCD panels and one an OLED panel that will stretch across the entire front of the device. In the same vein as Samsung, Apple have also been rumored to be ditching the physical home button in favor of a fingerprint sensor that will be embedded into the screen.

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