The latest Mac Pro rumors

With the release of the iMac Pro, many professionals are wondering where the updated Mac Pro is? The Mac Pro was a desktop computer that required an external monitor. The last time an display was released was in 2011 with the Thunderbolt display, which was later discontinued in 2016.

Is Apple answering the demands of the market? 

The first Mac Pro was released in 2006 with an update in 2013. The length of time between upgrades may have been acceptable then but with the rapid change in computers and technology in the current market demands for a new Mac Pro model. Each Mac Pro needs an external monitor, Apple used to offer an external thunderbolt display or earlier with what they called a ‘Cinema Display’. Apple directly sell LG 4K and 5K  displays in their store but still no thunderbolt display upgrade or Mac Pro upgrade?

It is rumored that Apple is releasing a new Mac Pro later this year that could potentially be just as powerful or maybe more powerful than the new iMac Pro. Apple was said to have been working on a new modular pro system to go on sale in 2018, this would mean a new external monitor. The display has been called by Phil Schiller a ‘pro display’. This means that the display will likely be 8K.

The latest ‘Pro’ model from Apple is the iMac Pro which features a 5K 27-inch Retina display with a standard of an 8 core processor that is upgradeable to 10, 14 or 18 core, with 32GB to 128GB of RAM. Many flaws of the Mac Pro were fixed with the iMac Pro. One of the main problems in the Mac Pro was there thermal system which was resolved in the iMac Pro by introducing ‘duel blowers’ to improve thermal performance.

So, which one is best? The iMac Pro is the obvious winner. It comes with its own 5K display with six Thunderbolt ports, a beautiful sleek space grey design and extremely powerful specs and features. The Mac Pro, however, does not have its own display, is nowhere near as powerful and does not look overly appealing.

If you prefer having an external computer to monitor then its recommended that you hold out to find out if the 2018 Mac Pro and 8K Apple display rumours are true, if not the iMac Pro is the most powerful computer Apple has on offer.




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