Latest mockups show how apps might look on the iPhone 8

With the iPhone 8 rumor mill now in full force, the latest mockups show how apps might look on screen.

Steve Troughton-Smith has produced a mockup of how the Home button might be presented as a ‘notch’ that matches the physical one at the top of the screen. Although, this is not something that he has found in the recently leaked code, but just something he’s decided to play around with himself.

The general consensus seems that it’s more likely that Apple will disguise the top notch with a color-matched bar of the same height that will show carrier information etc. UX designer Maksim Petriv has also created several mockups that show different approaches that Apple could take to suit the notch and how it might look with different apps:

Of course, these mockups show a visible home button whereas the code has revealed that this can be hidden within the apps.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been given a good sense of how the new iPhone will look and run. We’ve even seen a series of dummies and renders that have shown a copper finish, a video of the design in black and three color variants.

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