Latin American Students Most Eager to Work at Microsoft

Undergraduate students in Latin America are most attracted to Microsoft as a potential employer, even ahead of Google, according to a fresh survey by corporate researcher Universum.

As noted by CNN, in various other parts of the world, Google continues to be ranked the most desirable company to work for by students and graduates. Commenting on the new survey, Universum’s Latin American division head Carly Creighton admitted: “As a former Google employee, I thought, ‘Oh no, why isn’t Google on top?'”

Google still reached second place in the survey, which was carried out with 111,000 business, engineering and IT students in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other Latin American countries. Microsoft’s impressive performance has been largely attributed to its strong presence in the region; it has offices in each of the eight surveyed countries, while Google offices are in just five.

IBM and Samsung were among the other tech firms that scored highly in Universum’s first ever survey of Latin American students. These students eyeing jobs were found to particularly prize opportunities for training and leadership.

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