Leaked Image Suggests a Possible New Volume Control Design For iPhone 15 Pro An image of the purported enclosure of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro has surfaced online, hinting at a new design for the volume control buttons. While rumors of a long single volume control have been making rounds, the leaked image shows a unique indentation on the chassis with contact points, but no visible buttons.

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An unverified image of the enclosure metal of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro has been circulating online, and it appears to suggest a new design for the volume control buttons. The image shows a cutaway and indented section where the volume buttons might be located, with no visible buttons present. Instead, there is a section that features a pair of contact points.

The image was shared on Twitter by a user called “fix Apple,” who claims to be a hardware technician at both Apple and Huawei. Although the user rarely tweets, the image has generated significant buzz among tech enthusiasts. The image depicts four iPhones, each with an indentation for volume control, but with no buttons present.

It is unclear whether this indicates a single button stretching over the two points or a new design altogether. However, it is a departure from previous iPhone chassis designs that had separate cutaways for the two volume controls and one for the lock button. The spacing of the switch in the images suggests that it may be more suitable for the mute rocker than the power button on the iPhone 14, at least.

While it is difficult to ascertain the origin of the image, it is assumed that the image shows the iPhone 15 Pro. The camera bump can be seen on the right side of each iPhone in the image, despite the angle of the shot. This suggests that the positioning of the cutaway for a button is better aligned with the power switch.

Rumors of a single long volume control have been circulating, but the leaked image appears to show a unique design that is not conclusive either way. Additionally, the camera bump might be redesigned to accommodate the rumored periscope telephoto camera. However, it is still expected to be thicker overall.

It is worth noting that leaked images should always be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no way to confirm their authenticity until Apple makes an official announcement.

Nonetheless, this image has created excitement among tech enthusiasts and Apple fans as they eagerly await the release of the iPhone 15 lineup.

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