Leaked macOS code suggests Face ID is coming to the Mac The Mac is about to get a whole lot more secure

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Apple could be planning to bring Face ID to the Mac, according to new macOS code.

As first spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple has begun testing Face ID integration on the Mac as part of the latest macOS Big Sur beta. Although Face ID technology is limited to iPhone and iPad users right now, it could be that the next-generation MacBooks will support the technology.

Apple has long been criticized for its MacBook and iMac webcams, and so by switching to Face ID, the company would need to adopt TrueDepth camera systems.

Leaked code links to both, as well as an extension to support the “PearlCamera” function, which is the codename Apple uses for Face ID and TrueDepth cameras since the launch of the original iPhone X.

Other references in the code include FaceDetect and BioCapture, names which are also featured in iOS and iPadOS code, all leading to the introduction of a TrueDepth camera.

Apple made the first leap to a more secure macOS experience with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which now both feature a Touch ID power button.

The technology behind these buttons is powered by T2 chips, which are also included in iOS devices.

Some had hoped that Touch ID would make its way to iMacs, but Face ID sounds like the most logical next step, as Touch ID would need to be included in a wireless keyboard separate from the iMac.

We don’t know for sure which Mac will get Face ID support first, but Apple is reportedly planning a major design overhaul for the iMac, and the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will see further tweaks as Apple transitions towards Apple Silicon chips.

That could theoretically mean that all Macs released with a Silicon chip could come with Face ID as standard.

Are you looking forward to Face ID on the Mac? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more.

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