LG Electronics Collaborates with Apple to Offer AirPlay in Hotel Room TVs In a significant move towards enhancing in-room entertainment for travellers, LG Electronics will become one of the first TV manufacturers to integrate Apple's AirPlay technology into its hospitality TVs. This development is part of Apple's planned expansion of AirPlay to hotel room TVs.

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Apple and LG team up to bring AirPlay to hotels later this year

As announced in a press release by LG (via ZDNET), the company will roll out LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs featuring built-in AirPlay technology later this year. This advancement is expected to transform the in-room entertainment experience in the hospitality sector, meeting the growing demand for easy access to personal media on larger screens, regardless of location.

“Hotels that offer this feature will have an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices, boosting guest satisfaction while providing real differentiation from local competition,” stated Michael Kosla, LG Business Solutions’ Vice President of Hospitality.

The new feature was developed in collaboration with Apple and is designed for simplicity and security. iPhone users can scan a QR code to activate AirPlay, allowing them to stream content from their iPhone or iPad directly to the hotel room TV. This process eliminates the need for additional equipment, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. According to LG, this functionality will be available on both the TVs releasing this year and models from recent years.

Apple revealed during its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that it is partnering with selected hotels to introduce AirPlay to supported television sets. Among the first companies to support AirPlay in its hotels will be IHG Hotels & Resorts, which operates 6,000 locations worldwide.

Apple and LG team up to bring AirPlay to hotels later this year

The inclusion of Apple’s AirPlay technology in hotel room TVs marks a significant step towards enhancing the in-room entertainment experience for travelers, particularly those using Apple devices. As leading TV manufacturers like LG Electronics start integrating this feature, hoteliers can expect a boost in guest satisfaction and a unique competitive advantage in the hospitality market.

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