LG’s $100,000 rollable OLED TV set for US release

LG has confirmed that its OLED television is coming to the United States.

First announced three years ago at CES 2018, the company has confirmed that the once-prototype is now real, and will be available as a 65-inch TV that’s capable of rolling itself up and down to disappear into a housing unit – ideal for homes with limited space, hotels, and other use cases. But there’s a bit of a catch.

The catch is that the model will go on sale for an eye-watering $100,000, so it’s out of reach for money.

The OLED R model has already been surpassed in terms of picture quality and performance from new LG models such as the G1 series, but it’s still an impressive feat and should not be sneered at.

The $100k unit features Dolby Vision, supports 120Hz 4K gaming, has auto low latency mode, and has a variable refresh rate. All four of the model’s HDMI ports support HDMI 2.1.

What’s worth noting is that the model is supported for 50,000 unfurls – that means, the screen should stay intact for the first 50,000 times you launch it. Similar to foldable smartphones, the screen will eventually suffer, but opening and closing the display five times a day would mean the screen would last 27 years.

The company will officially open preorders in August, with shipping to follow weeks later.

Would you be interested in a TV like this? Let us know and check back soon for more tech news.

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