Lightercase First iPhone Case with Built-In, No-Flame, No-Fuel Lighter Launches Indiegogo Campaign for $25,000

Heat-Resistant, Childproof, Polycarbonate Case Fits iPhone 5S & 5; Comes with Built-In, Rear LED Flashlight and USB Charger, Lights Hundreds of Times between Charges

Lightercase (, the first iPhone case with built-in, no-flame, no-fuel lighter, launched today an Indiegogo campaign for $25,000 to mass produce the case for market by the holiday season.

Developed by Smartcase, Lightercase works safely via a heated, metallic coil, just like a car lighter. When the protective latch covering the coil is slid back and held for two seconds, the coil produces just under five watts of heat energy – enough to light one cigarette, but not damage the phone – then automatically shuts off within four seconds. Though it’s intended only for adults eighteen years and older, a latch guards the metallic coil – and also keeps the lighter from activating while in your pocket or bag.

Lightercase can ignite up to five hundred cigarettes before needing a three-five hour recharge. A built-in USB port provides easy recharge options, including iPhone’s power adapter, or a desktop or laptop computer. When the case is being charged, there is a red light to indicate the charge, which also flashes when the case is fully charged. The case also features a rear LED flashlight – handy if the phone’s battery is dead, and light is required. Durable polycarbonate plastic protects the iPhone from drops or bumps, and is just flexible enough for easy removal.

“Feature cases with special functionality are in strong demand,” said Lightercase co-creator Jason Buzi. “We created Lightercase for adult smokers happy to have one less item to carry. Now it’s just ‘phone, keys, smokes’ – and their sleek, protective case doubles as their lighter.”

Lightercase’s heat-insulating properties is being tested by MET Labs in Santa Clara, CA, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) with approved to perform safety testing by the US federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The case can be purchased for $38 during the Indiegogo campaign (, which runs from October 22nd to November 30th . It can also be purchased in combination packs of two for $72 ($36 each), four for $132 ($33 each), ten for $300 ($30 each), and reseller packs of fifty for $1,300 ($26 each), one hundred for $2,200 ($22 each) and one thousand for $19,000 ($19 each). Lightercase comes in four color combinations – black with black metal accents, black with blue metal, white with white metal, and white with pink metal. The case weighs 35g.

Lightercase was conceived, designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley. Future plans include offering Lightercase for other popular iPhone models (5c, 4/4s) and the most popular phones from Samsung and HTC. With its good looks, slim build, light weight and fantastic features – Lightercase is the no-match match for your iPhone 5. There’s a really strong case for having one.

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