Logical Ink for the iPad Now Available in the App Store

New app helps healthcare facilities capture validated, discrete data and eSignatures from patients and clinicians

Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) today announced the availability of its Logical Ink solution for the iPad. The new app allows healthcare facilities to present patients and clinicians with Apple iPads for the completion and signing of medical forms. Once validated and signed, the discrete data they contain, as well as the documents themselves, are seamlessly transmitted to any downstream system – such as an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, electronic health record (EHR), clinical data repository, or disease registry – using industry-standard formats. By replacing paper forms with patient-friendly tablets, healthcare providers can dramatically reduce the costs and hassles of paper processing while capturing accurate patient data earlier in the cycle of care.

“More than ever, healthcare organizations are under intense pressure to deliver the highest quality care at the lowest price. Being competitive while providing a positive patient experience is not an easy task,” said Michael Kortan, vice president of healthcare for Bottomline. “We’re focused on providing solutions which contribute to better patient outcomes, increase efficiencies and are friendly and simple for users of all ages and varying degrees of comfort with technology.”

To further explore the opportunity cost of paper-based registration processes, Bottomline has also issued a new infographic entitled, “The Paper vs. Data Problem in US Healthcare Registrations.” The infographic examines the cost of the more than 150 million hospital registrations each year, as well as the potential reduction in dollars, hours and errors that can be gained by converting to digital methods – all of which has a direct impact on hospital revenue.

Capturing content electronically not only eliminates redundant steps in the patient registration process. It also gives healthcare providers immediate access to the discrete data necessary for complete, accurate decisioning, and more time with patients.

The Logical Ink App for the iPad is immediately available for download in the iTunes App Store and supports iOS 6 and 7. More information on Bottomline’s portfolio of healthcare solutions is available at http://www.bottomline.com/healthcare_solutions.html.

The Bottomline Healthcare team will also be exhibiting at this week’s AHIMA Conference in Atlanta (October 28-30) at Booth 1006. For more information or to arrange an on-site meeting, please email Molly Plank at mplank@bottomline.com.

Bottomline Technologies/Business Wire