Logitech release Circle 2 with HomeKit support

An upgrade from the original Logi Circle camera, the Circle 2, is the latest home security camera from Logitech and introduces more flexible hardware options for its users. Those who invest in the Circle 2 will be able to install the camera indoors or outdoors and add any additional accessories that they wish to.

Build as a weatherproof device, the Circle 2 stands as a more long-term option for customers, particularly thanks to Logitech’s additional waterproof extension that will protect wires from the elements.

The camera comes in two options, wired or wire-free, but you can easily move between the two with the correct accessories. For example, buying the wired Circle 2 means that in the future (with the additional rechargeable battery) you can change it to a wire-free version. There’s also the option to forego the rechargeable battery and the wire and instead opt for the Plug Mount to directly plug the camera into a wall socket.

Another accessory is the Window Mount whereby users can place the Circle 2 directly up against a window pane and record footage from outdoors without the worry of any lens glare.

One of the big questions, though, is whether or not the Circle 2 will have comparability with HomeKit. After testing of the Circle 2 took place on an iPhone and iPad, Logitech confirmed that the device would have HomeKit support in the near future. Amazon Alexa support is available currently and allows users to begin recordings with the help of the home assistant and Logitech’s POP Smart Button is also supported.

With the Circle 2 you’ll get free 24 hour bank-level encryption and cloud storage with upgrade options available. With Cloud Safe Premium, users will have the ability to create custom Motion Zones and enables person detection.

The device and its accessories are currently available on Logitech.com but shipping does not begin until July.

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