LoL: Useful tips to help you become a top player

League of Legends is a game with a lengthy learning curve, requiring more time to get a hold of the basics than games from the same genre. The game has a massive pool of heroes and tons of in-game strategies you can implement to get an edge over your opponent’s team.

If you have recently started playing LoL, it will be easier to go through the learning curve as you’ll be starting as a player with a low rank. Stick with us as we have gathered useful tips from the pros of LoL to help you improve the game, climb up the ranking system, and get you ready if you want to step into the competitive gaming scene.

Understanding your role

As you already know, the game is 5v5 where players of each team have a specific role to perform. Whether you want to be a mid-layer, roam the jungle, or provide support to your team players, it’s up to you to decide. Sticking to one role as playing random roles, especially in ranked matches will not get you anywhere. Playing one role will not only improve your gameplay but also improve your ranking.

 Selecting champions

Similar to sticking with only one role, play with a specific pool of heroes. There are more than 150 champions in the game so choose up to a maximum of 5 champions and select them for your ranked matches. Familiarity with the champions and their abilities will surely give you a competitive edge. During champion selection, there’s a chance that the champion you’re about to pick will get banned or the enemy team picks a counter for your champion. In situations like these, choose another champion from your limited pool.

Several heroes like Lucian and Lissandra can be used to play different roles, depending on the game. Playing with champions to play a different role with the same champion. Joining dedicated LoL forums and reading the latest release updates can also help in deciding the champions you will most likely be playing with.

Playing ARAM

Instead of playing summoner’s rift, consider playing more ARAM games as they finish in around 20 minutes and are an excellent choice for practicing heroes. However, when you play summoner’s rift, the match is ranked and could affect your ranking when you lose continuously. The information found at suggests that ranked LoL accounts can also be purchased if you want to avoid playing tons of games to improve your ranking. However, buying these accounts will only be beneficial for players that have expertise in playing at those ranked levels. A new player using a higher-ranked account will only make things difficult as gameplay at each rank differs massively. 

Watching replays

While playing the game, small mistakes go unnoticed. Improving on these mistakes is only possible when you watch your game replays. Whether you missed last hitting the minions and lost a lane to the enemy or scouted the map too much while failing to support in team fights. All these mistakes can be identified easily when reviewing the replay. 

You can even learn new tips, tricks, and strategies by reviewing gameplay videos from ranked players in the competitive LoL scene. You can note down the errors you made in each game and compare whether any mistake was repeated in the games so you can work on that on a priority basis.

Improving the CS

Last hitting is a crucial component of the game that can easily win you the lane. Spend time practicing the last hitting to improve the CS by playing bot games. Doing it over with the same champion will let you figure out the number of damage attacks do to a minion at each level. 

Improve rankings slowly

If you are continuously losing ranked games, take a break or switch to unranked matches. Playing ranked matches on a tilt will only make things worse and deteriorate your rank. Most pro players continue their ranked matches when they are winning games and stop whenever they have lost 3 games in a row.

Besides following the tips we shared, there are a plethora of other tips like placing wards, reading guides, and prioritizing in-game objectives to name a few. League of Legends is a game that requires effort, dedication, and persistence to achieve impressive rankings. Learning and improving in the game will take at least 2 to 3 hours of your daily routine. Lastly, remember to never stress yourself, be nice to your teammates while communicating, and practice mindfulness to reduce any stress or anxiety build-up from the gaming session.

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