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Lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook Sells for $330K

Bidding on a lunch with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook closed on Tuesday after the opportunity reached a price of more than $330,000, all of which will be donated to a good cause. The charity auction was first listed late last month with an estimated sale price of $100,000. The idea of lunch with Tim Cook managed to triple that estimate through the CharityBuzz website.

CharityBuzz does not allow individuals to see the final closing bid after an auction has ended, but an AppleInsider reader named Eric captured a screenshot of the page one second before the end of the auction. It shows a current bid of $330,001.00, meaning that the winning bid was worth at least that much.

Photo Courtesy of AppleInsider
Photo Courtesy of: AppleInsider

The winner will be able to bring one guest with them for lunch, though both will need to go through a security screening before meeting Apple’s top executive. Mr Cook will spend one hour of his time with the person for the event, and scheduling could take up to a year based on his availability.

Travel and lodging expenses were not included in the bidding price, so whoever won will need to shell out for a trip to Cupertino, California as well as the $330k charity bid.

While Cook’s lunch came in with a much higher value than its listed value, it was still less than half of what another auction from the Apple CEO earned a year prior, raising $610,000.

Between the two auctions, Cook has managed to raise nearly $1 million to benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Individuals can also contribute to the organization by visiting its official website

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