Macbook Airs & Trading Find out why a Macbook Air is one of the best laptops you can use for trading 

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Considering how popular Macbooks are nowadays, many people who are in the forex or trading world tend to ask the question if they are an excellent tool for online trading. With so many options on the market, you want to know if your choice is right; here are a few reasons why the Macbook Air is excellent for trading. 

Can you trade on a Macbook?

The first question is, can you trade on a Macbook? The short answer is yes. A Macbook Air is an excellent tool for trading, especially if you keep it running as well as it can by limiting how much it does outside of trading. 

It can run all kinds of trading software and platforms like Tradingview and keep up with having multiple windows and tabs open simultaneously. 

Trading software

While not necessarily an advantage, many people seem to think Macs don’t have the same access as Windows systems when it comes to what trading software they can and can’t use. Almost all the best trading software titles have been available for Macs. 

While some things, such as MetaTrader, which will be discussed next, don’t have an iOS-specific option, there are ways to get this software onto your system. 

Windows emulators

As mentioned above, Macs can’t support native versions of certain pieces of software and platforms. However, multiple Windows emulators have been created to allow you to run Windows-only software on your Apple device.


Another big plus of the Macbook is its reliability. Even if you don’t spend the big bucks on one of the higher-end models, you are still getting a system that functions better than most of the laptops out there and will last for years without needing any repairs or part replacements.

MacBook Air 2022 | New Midnight color


The importance of speed will be discussed later, but it is easily one of the most essential factors in a trading laptop. You want a system that is lighting fast, doesn’t slow down when performing tasks, and can keep up with your trades. 

Once again, even lower-end Macbooks have incredible speed, and it only gets better as you move up the line. This means that even if you are on a budget, you can still get a system that keeps up and stays fast for a few years. 

iOS integration 

One of the most significant changes we have seen over the past few years is the move away from constant trading on a computer or laptop, as we now see more and more people making their trades on mobile devices on the move. 

Because of this, mobile-to-laptop integration is critical, and Apple does this better than most. If you have an iPhone, you can easily switch between the two without any breaks from what you are doing and use your phone and laptop together to be more efficient while trading. 

What to look for in a trading laptop 

When it comes to choosing a computer for trading, most modern models will do the job just fine, but if you want to take your trading game to the next level, there are three main things you need to look for. 

Ample storage

While you may not use your laptop to store thousands of files and trading data, storage is still a vital part of performance. A computer that is short on space starts to slow down, and the last thing you want is a system that isn’t as fast as it can be. 

A lack of storage also makes multitasking difficult, and this is another deal-breaker for traders, especially when so many use multiple sites, charts, and sometimes platforms simultaneously. However, if you can’t afford a laptop with a ton of space, an external hard drive will do the job just fine. 

Software compatibility

Another thing you need to look into is software and software update compatibility. One issue that people face with older systems is that they can’t be updated enough to handle software updates; this is why iOS and Google Chrome updates are so frequent, for example. 

Therefore, you either need to get a new or close to a new system, or be fully aware of the limitations you may face if you get one, three, four, or five years old.


Finally, you want a fast system. When it comes to trading, especially forex trading, a trade can go from incredible to terrible in a matter of seconds, and you don’t want a slow laptop to be the cause of that.

The Macbook Air is capable of being one of the best trading laptops you buy. It can keep up with all your trading needs and won’t disappoint you when you need it the most. 

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