MacBooks “responsible for Apple’s computing success”

According to research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple’s Mac laptops have become the driving force behind the company’s personal computer business.

The MacBook Pro, in particular, has emerged as the leader in terms of sales, accounting for 54% of all Mac units sold in the September 2022 quarter. The MacBook Air followed close behind, making up 46% of sales during the same period. In total, laptops represented 74% of all Mac units sold, while desktops (iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Studio) made up the remaining 26%.

CIRP data also shows that the iMac and Mac Pro are the top-selling models in the desktop segment, accounting for 50% and 43% of sales respectively. The Mac mini and Mac Studio, on the other hand, represented a small portion of sales at 4%.

It’s worth noting that while Google’s Chromebooks are popular in the education sector, Macs are also frequently used by students, who account for roughly one-third of Mac purchases. Macs are also popular in the enterprise market, with nearly 50% of buyers reporting that they will be using the computer for business purposes.

The research firm CIRP data also shows that over the past five years, personal use of Macs has slightly declined but still remains the primary use case, while education remains important but has trended downward, with business usage on the other hand growing and being significantly more prevalent than education.

It’s worth noting that Apple hasn’t publicly released detailed breakdown of Mac models for about a decade, So it’s unclear where CIRP is getting its data from. However, In Apple’s fourth quarter financial report of 2022, the revenue generated from the Mac line-up reached $11.5 billion, and the company generated a total of $90.15 billion revenue during the same quarter.

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