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MacDaddy Steve Jobs Appears in YouTube Video

This has to be one of the best I've seen in quite awhile. When you have a company as big and as successful as Apple, you're bound to get parodied from all over. Apple definitely has its share of being the brunt of jokes. The newest YouTube video seems to be hitting on all cylinders.

The Well-revered Steve Jobs passed away nearly a year ago, leaving the company to TIm Cook. This YouTube video is popping up just hours before tomorrow's iPhone 5 event. Parodying the normal product announcements that Jobs handled until he turned over the responsibility to Cook, the video is hawking the “iFhone 5.”

In the “story,” Cook is presenting the new device, and Jobs pops up, saying if Tupac can come back, he can too. He's taking back the company, saying he's “MacDaddy – Dead or Alive.” He points to the new phone and asks “What you gonna do, buy the Galaxy? You'll still line up for iFhone 83.”

Parody or not, they have a point. I'm buying the iPhone 5, the minute they make it available for pre-orders.


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