macOS Sonoma Introduces Finder-Based Mac Restoration The forthcoming macOS Sonoma update will provide Mac users with an exciting new way to revive or restore a Mac stuck in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, marking a significant step forward in user convenience.

DFU mode is a state that a Mac may end up in after a power failure during an update or upgrade, leaving the device unresponsive. Previously, recovering a Mac in DFU mode required another Mac equipped with the Apple Configurator app. macOS Sonoma, however, will change this with a more streamlined approach, enabling a smoother restoration process without the need for additional software.

The new restoration or revival process using Finder reflects the steps that were once performed with Apple Configurator but without the need for the specific app. The essential USB-C cable connection between the two Macs will still be required. For this restoration method to work without a hitch, both Macs should have the macOS Sonoma update.

Presently in beta testing, macOS Sonoma is expected to launch in the next one to two months. Beyond simplifying recovery for DFU mode, this update brings numerous additional features and enhancements to the Mac user experience. Among these are interactive widgets that resemble iPhone widgets for task management and media control, improved video conferencing capabilities through Presenter Overlay and creative Reactions, and enhanced private browsing in Safari, along with web app creation and profile organization.

Further additions to macOS Sonoma include responsive Screen Sharing for hybrid workflows and expanded accessibility to assist users with various needs.

macOS Sonoma

Siri activation by voice, password sharing, simplified login, messaging enhancements, better reminders, and fortified privacy safeguards round out some of the key highlights of this update.

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