macOS Sonoma: Top Features to Try After Upgrade macOS Sonoma, also known as macOS 14, showcases enhanced user capabilities, integrating a mix of productivity, performance, and customization.

macOS Sonoma

With the unveiling of macOS Sonoma, users are presented with a plethora of novel features and enhancements designed to boost both their work and entertainment experiences. Here’s a deep dive into the top 10 features that make macOS Sonoma a game-changer:

Interactive Widgets

Widgets have been revolutionized. No longer confined to the Notifications Center, they can now be placed anywhere on the desktop. They’ve become interactive, enabling tasks like playing audio or setting reminders directly. What’s more, iOS widgets can also grace the Mac desktop via Continuity.

Wallpapers & Screen Savers Galore

Over 100 new aerial and animated wallpapers have been introduced, transforming the visual appeal of the Lock Screen and desktop. The option to shuffle aerials adds a dynamic touch, ensuring users always have fresh visuals.

Enhanced Video Conferencing

Video calls via FaceTime or apps like Zoom receive significant upgrades, including augmented reality (AR) reactions and a new ‘presenter overlay’ feature. These make virtual interactions more engaging and intuitive.

Gaming on Overdrive with ‘Game Mode’

This mode ensures an immersive gaming experience by prioritizing game performance, reducing background task interference, and enhancing connectivity with wireless accessories.

macOS Sonoma | Game Mode

PDF Capabilities in Notes

The Notes app has been enriched to provide an integrated PDF editing experience, from viewing to markup functionalities, offering a seamless workflow for document management.

Profiles in Safari

Creating distinct profiles in Safari for various activities such as work or personal browsing is now possible, ensuring better organization and data separation.

Dock-able Web Apps

Safari now provides a feature to add web apps directly to the Dock, ensuring quick access to favorite websites, which function just like regular apps.

Dictation & Predictive Text Overhaul

Just like with iOS 17, dictation has seen noticeable improvements, with new icons and seamless switching between typing and dictating. Additionally, the predictive text feature is enhanced, making typing more intuitive and efficient.

Shared ‘Find My’ Access

The ‘Find My’ app extends its sharing capabilities, allowing users to share an AirTag or any Find My accessory with up to five individuals.

Swift AirPods Switching

The transition of AirPods between devices has been optimized to be quicker and more fluid, enhancing the audio experience.

macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma refines the user experience, while incorporating innovative features. Although the sleek visual enhancements catch the eye, it is the intricate, user-centric improvements, such as interactive widgets and enhanced video conferencing, that particularly resonate with power users, an intricate balance between new additions and improvements to existing features.

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