Made-in-India iPhone 15 Models to Be Available on Launch Day for the First Time Apple takes a groundbreaking step by offering its latest iPhone models manufactured in India available for purchase on the day of release.

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For the first time, Apple is set to make available its newest iPhone models — iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus — manufactured in India on the same day as their global launch. This marks a significant milestone in Apple’s supply chain strategy, as it diversifies its manufacturing bases beyond China. Although Apple has been producing iPhones in India for several years, the timing of this production has traditionally trailed behind the primary manufacturing operations based in China, typically led by facilities like Foxconn.

In the past, it was commonplace for iPhones made in India to hit the market as much as six months after their initial September unveiling. However, this timeframe has been steadily shrinking. For instance, last year’s iPhone 14 models produced in India were available just six to eight weeks post-launch. With the iPhone 15, the production ramp-up in India commenced in early August, ensuring that Indian-made units would be ready for the September 22 global launch.

It is noteworthy, however, that the more “premium” models — iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max — are still being assembled exclusively in China. This indicates that, while significant progress has been made, Apple still relies on Chinese operations for certain aspects of its product line.

Despite this, the inclusion of Indian-manufactured iPhone 15 models on launch day signifies a critical move in Apple’s long-term strategy to lessen its dependence on Chinese manufacturing.

Foxconn India | iPhone Production Line

As it stands, around 7% of the total number of iPhones produced globally are now made by Apple’s suppliers in India.

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