MagSafe on iPad: Everything you need to know about future releases

When Apple discontinued MagSafe from its MacBook range, fans and professional users alike were left disappointed, replace instead with USB-C charging ports.

Apple shocked the world in 2020 when it introduced MagSafe charging to the iPhone 12 range, bringing back the iconic charging technology for a new generation of consumers, with new features added.

The news follows rumors that Apple is working on reintroducing MagSafe to the MacBook range later this year, ahead of a major redesign that will see the company unveil an all-new form factor for the device, as well as the introduction of custom silicon chips known as M1.

So, with MagSafe now on the iPhone and potentially coming back to the Mac soon, could we see MagSafe – or at least some form of the technology – come to iPads in the coming years?

The short answer? Yes! As Apple continues to innovate and look for ways to keep its products at the top of consumers’ minds, the firm has increasingly been working on new technologies that improve the user experience and bring back some of those premium, nice-to-have features. With rumors that the new Mac MagSafe will incorporate USB-C, it’s likely that the technology could be copied and pasted onto the iPad in the years to come.

Which iPads will receive a MagSafe update first? Well, it’s likely that Apple will start with the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air, as these are the only two iPads to sport USB-C charging right now.

The iPad and iPad mini currently use Lightning chargers, though it’s expected that these will be updated to incorporate the new universal charging cable in future generations.

One question you might be asking is whether the iPad will introduce wireless magnetic charging and accessory docking, similar to MagSafe on the iPhone. This is less likely; instead, we’ll see a return to the traditional MagSafe port that will disconnect if the cable is jerked too hard, designed to reduce friction and the chances of the device falling on the floor.

Would you be pleased to see MagSafe return to the Mac, and even come to the iPad? Let us know and check back soon for more news and rumors here, every day on AppleMagazine.

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