Major Automakers Are Betting On Siri

Hazardous driving, distracted drivers and hands-free calling are all very hot topics these days. This is where Apple plans to solve these issues with the new automotive integration of Siri called “Eyes Free”.

Apple announced the Eyes Free system at its World Wide Developers Conference in June, but the technology hadn’t started rolling out until recently. The system will integrate Siri from the iPhone and iPad with Bluetooth voice command systems with the hands-free buttons located on your vehicles steering wheel. Apple had announced that nine automakers would launch the Eyes Free system over the course of 2012, including: BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler.

There are some major automakers absent from Siri support such as Ford, Lincoln, Hyundai, and Kia to name a few. These companies are partnered with Microsoft, which I am sure has something to do with the lack of support. The other question is, which is better? Siri Eyes Free or what is already available to consumers? Another way to look at it is maybe these companies are under contract with Microsoft.

In a way it seems like Apple was looking for a way to break into the automobile market as Microsoft did, and Siri Eyes Free was their opening. There has been mixed emotions about Siri from the beginning, and I am not sure most drivers want to bring her into their vehicles. Nonetheless there are a ton of major players in the auto industry showing their confidence in Siri and Apple. How do you feel about Siri possibly being a co-pilot on your road trips?

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