Major NBA Teams to Launch Apple TV Retail Apps with Shopgate

Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder will be the first NBA teams to bring retail apps to the Apple TV, with help from the SaaS-based e-commerce platform Shopgate.

While Shopgate is already responsible for shopping apps on iPhone, iPad and Android, the platform has only just been extended to the Apple TV’s dedicated App Store. Shopgate’s first Apple TV shopping apps will officially debut at a launch party during SXSW Interactive on March 12.

At the party, Shopgate will demo the new such apps for the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams will be playing back-to-back during the launch night; Shopgate has pledged to stream both games and show how team gear can be speedily ordered through the apps.

For sports fans, this will add to what is already a treasure trove on the Apple TV; the lead article in the latest AppleMagazine issue, which can be yours by subscription, sheds more light on what goodies are available.

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