Make Your iPhone or iPad Safe and Snugg

Snugg-iPad-3-Cropped.jpgAre you looking for covers for your iPhone or iPad? Even if you are looking to keep an older device safe, Snugg is the place to look. They offer covers that keep your device protected as well as having extra options like pockets, keyboards, stands, stylus holders, and more.

I refuse to use the onboard keyboard on the iPad. I just can’t stand typing on the screen like that. So I chose one of the keyboard covers for my 3rd generation iPad, the Snugg iPad 3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case. To keep my iPad safe while also giving it an extra function is a real bonus.


The iPad cover fits so securely that at first I thought I had the wrong one. It turns out it is the right cover but that it snaps in very securely to keep it safe and … “Snugg,” if you will. There are no concerns having my iPad in the Snugg case. I don’t worry about it being damaged at all, and it would also help keep it protected should it get a little water surrounding it.

As for the keyboard, all the necessary functions are included on this keyboard. Some keys are in a slightly different position in order to make it fit, such as the right Shift key. It’s smaller than it normally would be, so if you’re typing, you have to make sure you reach all the way to the right to hit it, otherwise you’re hitting the Up Arrow key. It pairs up very easily with your iPad via Bluetooth.


If you are planning on doing a lot of typing, such as writing 1500 word essays, this keyboard case might not be appropriate. However, if you’re planning on doing minimal to an average amount of typing, meaning if you are answering emails, keeping your Twitter and Facebook updated, and browsing on Safari, this Snugg case would be perfect. Not only would it be helping you type, it would also be very protected.

Benjamin Kerry
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