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Many iPhone X users unable to accept calls

Apple has been forced to investigate the matter as a growing number of iPhone X users are unable to accept calls on their new device. The issue has been highlighted by The Financial Times, in a report that explained some user’s device’s displays are not waking up when their phone is ringing, preventing them from accessing the accept, or decline, button.

These complaints have been posted on Apple’s support forums and since December, hundreds of users have reported the same issue. Users are also claiming that Apple ‘fixed’ their devices, however, they reverted back and after a few days they could not receive calls once again.

What is causing the issue?

What we are still unsure of is if the issue is a hardware one. Rebooting the phone and other troubleshooting steps appear to have no effect on the problem. When The Financial Times reached out to Apple, they would not confirm what was causing the issue or when it would be sorted.

Have you been affected?

It appears the problem is only affecting a small selection of users and is not widespread, however, affected users are insisting needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. Many of the initial issues with the iPhone, that are somewhat to be expected, have been fixed, however, this major issue still remains.

If you have been affected by the issue, please get in touch.

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