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 These days, we are seeing more and more smartphone users taking advantage of headsets and voice command technology. Many of my friends use Bluetooth built into their cars to handle taking incoming phone calls while driving. In this day and age we all juggle so many devices, it can be a pain to dig deep in our pockets to grab our phone just to send a quick text.

The folks at Martian Watches have “kickstarted” a product that will revolutionize the way you use your smartphone. They have developed a line of Bluetooth voice command watches that work with iPhone and Android phones.

All you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth wireless technology and you can take advantage of this product. These watches work as a hub for all of the notifications that you receive through your phone. You can receive Facebook messages, respond to text messages, use 2 hours of continuous talk time all through the Martian Watch.

“We’ve taken the “SmartWatch” to the next level by adding hands-free voice communication. Use your MARTIAN WATCH to talk, listen, initiate voice commands, and be notified of incoming calls and texts, all without your phone leaving your pocket, purse or backpack!”

One of the most amazing aspects of this watch is the full Siri integration. Imagine hosting a party and leaving your iPhone on it’s dock and just asking Siri to play a certain playlist right through the Martian Watch while you are in a completely different room. You can respond to a friend’s text message while you are driving in a safe manner, without fumbling around for your phone.

You can set which notifications you want your watch to receive from your phone using Martian’s app. There is even a notification called “phone leash” that will notify you if you move too far away from your phone so you don’t lose it. The company has provided developers with the specifications of the technology, and they are currently hard at work developing unique apps for the watch.

I believe you will be seeing many people wearing Martian Watches next year, and the Martian Watch will soon become your iPhone’s best friend. The line of watches has been fully funded via and they are still taking pre-orders for the initial launch. For $105 you can receive a G2G Martian Watch with an estimated delivery of February 2013.

Tech Specs

• Analog quartz watch with Swiss parts movement
• Upper Command Button
• Lower Select Button
• Noise-Cancellation Microphone
• Directional Personal Speaker
• 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display
• Bluetooth® 4.0 chip (classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy)
• RGB LED light
• “Light Touch” Vibrating Motor
• 3-Axis Accelerometer
• Magnetometer

• Micro USB port for recharging and firmware updates


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