Masimo iSpO2(TM) Pulse Oximeter for iOS Platform (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) for Consumers* to Debut at CES

IRVINE, Calif. —Masimo makes its debut at CES in Las Vegas next week with iSpO(2)(TM), the pulse oximeter cable and sensor utilizing Masimo SET((R)) technology for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with 30-pin connector.

Masimo iSpO2(TM) pulse oximetry cable and sensor (available at is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. (PRNewsFoto/Masimo)

A variety of people purchase pulse oximeters for personal uses, including fitness buffs and those going to high altitudes. Thousands of pulse oximeters, which measure blood oxygenation and pulse rate, are sold to consumers each year.

The Masimo iSpO(2)(TM) is a consumer pulse oximeter to noninvasively measure blood oxygenation, pulse rate and perfusion index with the same technology used in leading hospitals worldwide, providing accurate measurements even during the challenging conditions of motion and low perfusion.

iSpO(2)(TM), available at and Amazon, is easy to set up and use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (30-pin connector):

  • Connect the iSpO(2)(TM) cable to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Slip the iSpO(2)(TM) sensor on your ring finger
  • Your results appear on screen

iSpO(2)(TM) app provides immediate access to your data history – allowing you to view measurements, graphs, and trending over time – with the ability to export data history into .CSV files for use with text editing and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Helping showcase iSpO(2)(TM) at CES will be Stig “The Ultimate Superhuman” Severinsen, who in 2012 set the Guinness World Record for holding his breath – 22 minutes – and is a four-time world champion freediver with a doctorate in medicine. Severinsen, author of “breatheology – the art of conscious breathing,” will be at Booth 26324 Jan. 9 to conduct breath-holding feats and demonstrate iSpO(2)(TM).

Visit Masimo at Booth 26324 for daily drawings Jan. 8-10 to be among the first to own iSpO(2)(TM). The drawings also include chances to win a new iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch with 30-pin connector.

“We made iSpO(2)(TM) for consumers interested in obtaining the accurate SpO(2), pulse rate, and perfusion index readings that Masimo has been known for throughout the healthcare industry,” said Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani. “At CES, consumers will have an opportunity to see for themselves the quality and utility of iSpO(2)(TM).”

Please visit iSpO(2).com, or the App Store for purchasing information.

* iSpO(2)(TM) is for short-term sports and aviation use and is not intended for medical use.


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