Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Facebook

This week, has announced some very interesting findings from the “2012 Connecting and Communicating Online: State of Social Media study,” conducted by Harris Interactive.

The results from the survey show some steady and unique Internet usage patterns between men and women, with more women likely to be members of Facebook and log in more often then male members. Though men and women are shown to have an equal amount of active e-mail addresses, women are checking their accounts for new messages more often.

“They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and clearly those different communication styles ring true online as well,” says Jeff Tinsley, CEO of MyLife. “Women are more afflicted with FOMO than men, reporting a greater fear of missing out on something important reported online and logging in more frequently to check both Facebook and their email accounts. And, while many social networks are as popular with men and women, they’re using them for different reasons.”

Of course, there are other social media websites besides Facebook such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin for the business professional. However, the study shows that women who are members of only one of those social networks chose Facebook. These ladies are also logging in and posting more often than women who are members of more than one social network.

Some of The Survey Results:

° 95% of women surveyed belong to Facebook vs. 86% of men;

° 67% of women login to Facebook once a day or more as compared with 54% of male Facebook members;

° 21% of women login 2-3 times a day vs. 15% of men;

° Only 13% of women say they login to Facebook less than once a week. One in five (20%) of men said the same.

“Men and women both average just under three email addresses per user (2.7 for men vs. 2.6 for women) but women are keeping a closer watch on their inbox, with more than 4-in-5 women checking their email daily,” according to The study showed that 83% percent women check their main email address once a day or more vs. 75% of men. Those numbers rise in regards to women (90%) and men (85%) who are age 35-44.

It is no secret that women have always proven to be the more social of the two sexes. The results of the study show that social characteristics carry over to women’s online behavior as well. It just seems natural that women would be using social networks at a larger capacity then men. Even I have some female friends who have created and maintained Facebook pages for their male counterparts.

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