Messenger and WhatsApp will need to be reworked following iOS 13

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A new change coming in iOS 13 means that messenger apps’ data collection will be limited, meaning apps relying on Apple’s VoIP API such as WhatsApp and Messenger will need to be redesigned, according to a new report from The Information.

Messenger and WhatsApp allow users to make calls from the internet, and so to listen for those calls coming in, the apps run in the background so they can connect quickly.

However, from iOS 13, Apple will be stopping apps from collecting data.

Background access will be restricted to internet calls, and companies such as Facebook will no longer be able to collect data, such as where a user is or what they’re doing.

This change will force developers such as Facebook to redesign their apps, which could have a major impact on the services.

WhatsApp, for example, uses the current API for several of its functions, including offering end-to-end encryption on messaging.

Snapchat, Viber, and WeChat will also likely be impacted by the change.

“The changes to the upcoming iOS releases are not insignificant, but we are in conversations with Apple on how best to address,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Information.

“To be clear–we are using the PushKit VoIP API to deliver a world-class, private messaging experience, not for the purpose of collecting data.”

Facebook is having conversations with Apple about addressing the upcoming changes, though it’s worth noting that although Apple will introduce the change in iOS 13 this September, developers will have until April 2020 to comply with Apple’s upgraded policies.

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