MicroLED displays being developed by Apple

Apple Watch

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is secretly developing its own MicroLED screens to be used on future devices. This will be the first time Apple has developed and produced its own device displays and they are starting with the Apple Watch.

Apple is making “a significant investment” in developing the screens in a manufacturing facility close to its new Californian headquarters. The new screens will be thinner, brighter and less power-intensive as they use newer light-emitting compounds. The development is now thought to be at an advanced state, despite the project taking longer than initially thought, as they are far more complex than the current screens. However, even though they are at an advanced stage, it could still be years before the screens feature on the market.

The project has been code-named T159 and is being run by Lynn Youngs, who also worked on the displays for the original iPhone and iPad. The project could still hit numerous hurdles and is unlikely to run as smoothly as Apple hope. The California facility is simply too small for mass-production, so it is likely Apple will outsource production.

The new screens will put Apple a step ahead of their competition if the screens deliver everything they promise.

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