Windows 8 To Support Cloud Gaming?

Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops lately when it comes to “living room” entertainment. In fact, they’ve been aggressively battling with Apple across almost all facets of consumer technology, including things like web-based televisions, tablets, and phones.

But Apple has held one unique selling point that Microsoft has failed to ever integrate into its software. Through use of the Mac and the Apple App Store, gamers have been able to download triple-A mobile games and enjoy them on their personal computers.

But now it seems that Microsoft is attempting to broaden its horizons once more by making a rather bold leap into the world of “cloud gaming.” The mega tech company has signed what may become an historic partnership with cloud gaming veterans Agawi, with what seems like an attempt to bring mobile game streaming to all Windows 8 devices.

For anyone unfamiliar, Agawi has been diligently working on its handheld “cloud gaming device” which allows for direct streaming of mobile applications and games via a specialized cloud server. But it’s reportedly not the device that Microsoft is so interested in.

This partnership between the two companies could open up the technology necessary to allow Microsoft to stream all Android-based applications to any product that runs on a Windows 8 operating system. That includes phones, computers, tablets, and possibly even the companies rumored xBox 8 gaming console.

This move would allow Microsoft to bring triple-A mobile hits to a wider variety of products, which in turn could get more people excited about using Android’s app store instead if Apple’s. After all, there are a lot of people who have not been able to afford Apple’s newest products and have instead turned to other companies for cheaper alternatives.

If Microsoft managed to pull off this partnership and tie it into all of their devices seamlessly, it could really drive a nail into Apple’s potential sales, specifically if these Microsoft devices are placed at a lower price point.

Photo Credit: Agawi

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