Microsoft Admits to “Very Rushed” Reveal of OneDrive Changes

Microsoft Admits to “Very Rushed” Reveal of OneDrive Changes

Microsoft provoked outcry with its recent reveal that it would end unlimited OneDrive storage – and the Redmond firm’s chief marketing officer has since admitted that the announcement was “very rushed”.

During an interview on the podcast Windows Weekly, the officer in question, Chris Capossela, revealed that his company rushed its announcement of axing unlimited storage “because a major publication was going to print something that was very damaging and was not true, so we felt like we had to get in front of it”. This adversely affected Microsoft’s communications; he conceded: “We just weren’t ready.”

Business Insider reports that the three Windows Weekly presenters – Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley and Leo LaPorte – initially reacted with silence to Capossela’s acknowledgement, before LaPorte congratulated the marketing chief for his honesty regarding the issue.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has yet to make more than minor reversals to its original plans to rein in OneDrive storage limits. During the podcast, Capossela said that these original plans would have made sense to anyone who “had seen the math”; he insisted: “The economics were totally unsustainable.”

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