Microsoft announces new Open App Store Principles, exerting pressure on Apple

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Microsoft has announced a set of best practices that it has referred to as “Open App Store Principles”, with a view to getting ahead of regulatory measures as it seeks approval for its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The Redmond company has described the Open App Store Principles as being “grounded in app store legislation being considered by governments around the world,” including the United States and the European Union.

The “principles” can be effectively considered to be a direct promise from Microsoft not to do things of which Google and especially Apple have been accused, such as gaining unfair advantages over developers that depend on their app stores.

Microsoft explained: “We want regulators and the public to know that as a company, Microsoft is committed to adapting to these new laws, and with these principles, we’re moving to do so.”

The move will put pressure on Apple, which is currently at the center of conflicts concerning the tech giant’s public opposition to the Open App Markets Act and the American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

Microsoft has also committed to continue allowing sideloading in Windows, a file transferring process that Apple has repeatedly condemned.

Most notable, however, is that Microsoft’s policies don’t just apply to Windows. They permit developers to use their own payment systems, and open the Windows store to third-party app stores, in addition to reducing Microsoft’s cut of Windows games. There are also hints that the Xbox store will eventually be opened up.

Only time will tell how Apple will respond to Microsoft’s new policies.

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