Microsoft Attempts to Attract More Small Firms to Office 365

Microsoft has expanded availability of its FastTrack program in an attempt to lure more small businesses to switch from other productivity packages, especially Google for Work, to Office 365.

FastTrack is a bundle of tools that businesses can use to get up and running with Office 365 – the premium, subscription version of Microsoft’s well-regarded Office software suite. However, while FastTrack was previously limited to companies with at least 150 users, that requirement has just been lowered to 50 users.

Microsoft Senior Director Bryan Goode told Business Insider: “We think we’re making a very strong case for customers to switch over from Google Apps”. He opined that businesses with at least 50 users of productivity apps want more security and management features than Google’s enterprise offerings can provide.

Many small businesses using iPhones and iPads could be among those tempted by the FastTrack expansion. The ready availability of Office 365 features on iOS is just one way in which Apple has recently worked with, rather than against, another major company for the greater public benefit – as the cover article in the current issue of AppleMagazine makes especially clear.

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